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Next Level

Playing every day is fun.
That said, is it more fun than shooting a personal best, winning a tournament or just scorching everyone on your card?

DISCDOCTOR gives you the tools to take your game next level while making practice & development fun. Challenge your friends and players from all over the world to a number of drills and games, organise social practice, and analyse your progress.


Finding a playing or practice partner just got a lot easier.

DISCDOCTOR meetups at your favourite course can be organised in the app. Organise a full round, a practice session or game.


Can you reach the top?

Do your best to top the weekly, monthly or all-time leaderboards.


Where does your game need the most improvement?

Track your progress overtime, analyse your accuracy from different ranges, and compare your stats to other players.


Get notified when you've been challenged, invited to play or when someone you are following achieves a new milestone.


Showcase your skills at a live or virtual DISCDOCTOR event.

Know your speed

The disc speed calculator will help you determine your throwing speed and track how this changes over time.


Show off your success.

Achieving new levels of success should be rewarded, so we created the trophy case. New trophies are added to your trophy case each time you achieve a new level of success.


Call The Shot

Wanna be a shot caller? Well you can be with Call The Shot. Call The Shot is very similar to a game of Horse but with a few small adjustments for disc golf. Get a group of friends together, get creative and start calling the shots.

DISCDOCTOR is the must have app for any disc golf enthusiast or pro. With a huge range of games and capabilities (with new features on the reg), challenge yourself or your friends, but importantly, have an excellent time while undertaking fun drills designed to improve your short and putting game. 11/10 would recommend.

Luke Bayne

955 rated player

All that stood between me and the win on 18 was a putt from the circle's edge.

DISCDOCTOR gave me the confidence under pressure to make the winning putt for another Men's Pro Open championship.

Abra Garfield

946 rated player & sports psychologist

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